Package org.iscreen.impl

Interface Summary
Resource A Resource is a collection of String resources that are accessible via a particular key.

Class Summary
BaseValidationService This is the base class implementation of the ValidationService interface.
ConfiguredResource Represents a Resource that includes its configuration.
ConfiguredValidator A special validator wrapper that wraps a Validator and the configuration associated with it.
DefaultValidationService This is a "default" implementation of the ValidationService interface that can be configured to act as a full implementation of the service.
DefaultValidatorContext This is the default implementation of the ValidatorContext that's passed to Validators during validation.
OgnlMessage An OGNL message wraps a "template" that is a String of characters.
OgnlObjectMapping This class provides mapping data from one object to another via two sets of OGNL expressions: one to get the value from one object; and one to set that value on another object.
OgnlPropertyMapping Instances of this class are used to set OGNL properties on objects with a particular value.
OgnlRoot This class represents the JavaBean that's used to evaluate OGNL expressions.
ResourceValue A ResourceValue is a combination of a key and the Resource that's associated with it.
ValidationServiceValidator This is a special ValidatorWrapper that forwards validation to a different Validation Set.