Centennial Bank Routing Numbers & Wire Transfer

    Centennial Bank was founded in 1999. It is a subsidiary of Home Bancshares. Its headquarter is in Conway, Arkansas.

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Transactions between banks in the US require the use of routing numbers.

Centennial Bank routing number is 082902757.


Finding your Centennial Bank routing number on your check is fairly simple.

Have a look at the sample image below to know where you can find the routing number at the bottom of your check.



In the US, a wire transfer is an electronic payment service for transferring funds by wire through the Federal Reserve Wire Network.

To initiate a wire transfer, please visit your nearest Centennial Bank branch to complete the necessary paperwork. View our Locations page to find the nearest branch that supports a wire transfer service.

International transfers require the use of SWIFT network.

Centennial Bank doesn’t have swift code thus international wire transfers require the sender to have an intermediary bank in the US.

Domestic Wire

To receive wired funds from a financial institutions in the US, you will be required to provide the sending financial institution with your Centennial Bank account details.

Here are the required details

  • Bank Name – Centennial Bank
  • Routing Number – 082902757
  • Address of Bank – Conway, AR
  • Beneficiary’s Name – Your full name
  • Beneficiary’s Account Number – Your Centennial Bank account number

International Wire

With Centennial Bank, you can easily receive international wire transfers after providing account details to the sender.

The sender should inquire the following intermediary bank details

  • Wire to –
  • Swift Code –
  • Address –

Provide the following information to receive international wires

  • Beneficiary Bank – Centennial Bank
  • Routing Number – 082902757
  • Address of Bank – Conway, AR
  • Customer’s Name – Your full name
  • Customer’s Account Number – Your Centennial Bank account number

Wire Transfer Fees for Centennial Bank

In Centennial Bank wire transfer fees vary depending on the type of transaction.

Here is the fee breakdown:

International Wire Transfers – $15 for each incoming transaction and $50 for each outgoing transaction.

Domestic Wire Transfers – $15 for each incoming transaction and $20 for each outgoing transaction.